Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jesus Loves The Little Children

All the little children of the world.  My heart was broken last year for the children of Cambodia who are sold into prostitution.  Young girls, as young as 5, are put into brothels to be sold to mostly white, America men.  Look at those faces. Look at those precious children that God made. How could someone hurt a child like that? Sin is so horrible and ugly.  How God's heart must break over these precious children.  How He must long to hold them and heal their hurts.  We are His arms.  We are called to heal the broken hearts.  We are called to set the captive free. Please visit this website and learn more:http://aim4asia.org/


Leslie said...

It is heartbreaking what adults are willing to do to children. I just don't understand and it makes me weep often.

God helps us to help the children of the world. Lay it on our hearts to *do* something!


Laura said...

That just makes me so utterly sad. May God continue to bless this ministry and help these young girls.